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Fineman responds to the Porsche argument against maternity coverage

Lest you think free market economists give no thought to fairness — or have little compassion for underinsured Americans — Harvard Economist Greg Mankiw recently worried that purchasers of individual health insurance can no longer choose to forgo the luxury … Continue reading

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Call for Papers and Participation in ClassCrits V: From Madison to Zuccotti Park: Confronting Class and Reclaiming the American Dream

This workshop, the fifth meeting of ClassCrits, takes on class and the American dream as its theme. The most quintessentially American trait may be our capacity to look past current misfortune and imagine a brighter future.  Americans love a “rags … Continue reading

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Photoessay: Occupy Oakland, 11/2/2011

A couple of snapshots of the “general strike” day. The mood in the crowd was peaceful and mellow and the smell of pot was everywhere (this is Oaksterdam, after all). In contrast to what the New York Times has reported … Continue reading

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Remembering Joe Bageant: Class Migrant, Class Warrior

By Lisa R. Pruitt Americans like to think they live in a society unstratified by class, a society of equal opportunity, where the American dream survives. Joe Bageant, a journalist turned cultural critic, challenged these myths with inimitable intensity, compassion, … Continue reading

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Ain’t You Got a Right

…To the Tree of Life?  Rehearsing this refrain for a benefit concert last weekend, choir director (and educator and community organizer extraordinaire) Jane Sapp urged us to sing out against the budget cuts falling on so many life-sustaining programs across … Continue reading

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False Dichotomies of Class (Part II): Material versus Cultural

By Lisa R. Pruitt I responded last month to Martha McCluskey’s ClassCrits post, “Class as a Category of Vulnerability and Inequality.” In that initial response, I asserted that progressives need not choose between advocating mobility (the upward variety!) and advocating … Continue reading

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The Federalist Society’s Marxist View of the Constitution?

It’s no longer so clear that a strong consensus supports Holmes’ famous dissent in Lochner stating that the Constitution does not embody a particular economic ideology. The Federalist Society‘s recent event, Economic Theory, Civic Virtue, and the Meaning of the … Continue reading

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