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Fineman responds to the Porsche argument against maternity coverage

Lest you think free market economists give no thought to fairness — or have little compassion for underinsured Americans — Harvard Economist Greg Mankiw recently worried that purchasers of individual health insurance can no longer choose to forgo the luxury … Continue reading

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Distinguishing science from “market” power? Field notes on the political economy of academia

It’s become common wisdom in the U.S. that non-transparent big money largely drives elections, legislatures, regulatory agencies, and much of the judicial system, eroding the public trust and reinforcing perceptions that law and politics, as well as economics, operates largely … Continue reading

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Dishonorable Inequalities

by Frank Pasquale I want to thank Martha McCluskey and the rest of the Class Crits organizers for inviting me to guest blog here. I’ve done about 100 posts on law and inequality during my five years blogging at Concurring … Continue reading

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Market Success Means Market Failure

Martha McCluskey A revealing fact about class in the contemporary picture and example of the striking contradictions of dominant economic theory and policy comes from an excellent piece in today’s Truthout.  In a piece titled Arrogance and Authority, Financial policy … Continue reading

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Make Wall Street Pay? Yes We Can petition!

In the spirit of taking back the power that has so movingly arisen in Egypt and Madison, Julie Matthaei and the US Economic Solidarity Network invite you to sign and circulate the petition below. YES WE CAN MAKE WALL STREET … Continue reading

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Servitude as the new Freedom? Reclaiming the Thirteenth Amendment

Nov. 23, 2010 Slavery might seem to be the logical stopping point of the conservative legal movement to revive policies long discredited as fundamentally unjust.   But don’t be so sure.   San Diego Law Professor Larry Alexander has just written a … Continue reading

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Moral Austerity

Below is another cross-posting from the SALT blog, where I’m doing a stint as guest contributor.   My wise Buffalo law colleague Stephanie Phillips, who does work on the social gospel tradition in Christianity, mentioned to me that this recent effort … Continue reading

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