Make Wall Street Pay? Yes We Can petition!

In the spirit of taking back the power that has so movingly arisen in Egypt and Madison, Julie Matthaei and the US Economic Solidarity Network invite you to sign and circulate the petition below.


Dear President Obama,

Whereas, because of wrongful and fraudulent actions taken within the subprime mortgage market, which have been detailed in the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) report (

— over two million Americans have lost their homes or are in foreclosure proceedings;
— countless businesses have been destroyed or greatly damaged or devalued;
— millions of Americans have lost their jobs, as well as job-related benefits such as health insurance and pensions, and we are now being threatened with the loss of our collective bargaining rights in states across the country
— women’s livelihoods and reproductive rights are being threatened by impending cuts in state and local jobs, and in funding for family planning, childcare, and home and community-based care;
— investors, from retirees to unions to municipalities to educational institutions, among others, have suffered serious financial losses;
— dedicated and responsible workers in the financial industry have been manipulated, misled, pink-slipped, and smeared due to the behavior of a criminal minority among them
— millions of students have been crowded into larger classrooms, with fewer resources, forced to withdraw from colleges that their parents can no longer afford, and are now being threatened with cuts in financial aid
— the American people have had to endure severe cutbacks in public services – fire protection, health care, police protection, unemployment benefits, environmental protection, and more — as a result of state budget shortfalls, and continue to be threatened with more such losses;

We petition you, our President, to take whatever steps are required to:

— gather all available evidence to call to account all of those responsible;
— prosecute all persons determined to have engaged in criminal misconduct to the full extent of the law, and
— determine a proper process for assessing liability and mandating payment of reparations to the people damaged.

Yes We Can Make Wall Street Pay!

[Your name]

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