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Call for Papers and Participation in ClassCrits V: From Madison to Zuccotti Park: Confronting Class and Reclaiming the American Dream

This workshop, the fifth meeting of ClassCrits, takes on class and the American dream as its theme. The most quintessentially American trait may be our capacity to look past current misfortune and imagine a brighter future.  Americans love a “rags … Continue reading

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ClassCrits IV; Report-Back

Last weekend’s conference at American University Washington College of Law: “ClassCrits IV: Criminalizing Economic Inequality,” was a terrific success. Thanks to my fellow members of the organizing team, including Martha McCluskey (who took the lead role in assembling and re-assembling … Continue reading

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A Critical Perspective on Economic Inequality

A Critical Perspective on Economic Inequality Here are some of my initial thoughts on what distinguishes a critical view of economic inequality — a view that the idea of class may help illuminate but which also may be described by … Continue reading

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Why Class?

Over the years, a number of prominent legal scholars at various academic conferences have made off-handed comments to the effect that economic “class” is not a serious subject of discussion in U.S. law or jurisprudence. The prevailing attitude seems to … Continue reading

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