ClassCrits Essays

Buffalo Law Review vol. 56 issue 4

Athena D. Mutua, Introducing ClassCrits: From Class Blindness to a Critical Legal Analysis of Economic Inequality, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 859 (2008)

Laura T. Kessler, Getting Class, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 917 (2008)

Maria Grahn-Farley, Race and Class: More than a Liberal Paradox, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 937 (2008)

Anthony Paul Farley, The Colorline as Capitalist Accumulation, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 956 (2008)

John Henry Schlegel, The Many Flavors of Capitalism or Reflections on Schumpeter’s Ghost, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 967 (2008)

Makau Mutua, Human Rights and Powerlessness: Pathologies of Choice and Substance, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 1029 (2008)

Martha T. McCluskey, Constitutionalizing Class Inequality: Due Process in State Farm, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 1037 (2008)

Kenneth M. Casebeer, Of Service Workers, Contracting Out, Joint Employment, Legal Consciousness, and the University of Miami, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 1061 (2008)

James Gray Pope, Class Conflicts of Law I: Unilateral Worker Lawmaking versus Unilateral Employer Lawmaking in the U.S. Workplace, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 1097 (2008)

Susan Carle, with Michelle Lapointe, Short Notes on Teaching About the Micro-Politics of Class, with Examples from Torts and Employment Law Casebooks, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 1131 (2008)

Lucille A. Jewel, Bourdieu and American Legal Education: How Law Schools Reproduce Social Stratification and Class Hierarchy, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 1157 (2008)

Martha R. Mahoney, What’s Left of Solidarity: Reflections on Law, Race and Labor History, 57 Buffalo L. Rev. 1515 (2009)