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The Devastating Disconnect Between Rich and Poor

Posted by Lisa R. Pruitt The Occupy Wall Street movement has recently drawn national attention to economic inequality, and several new studies and a book just published also invite us to consider the acuteness of this inequality, as well as … Continue reading

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Call for Papers and Participation in ClassCrits V: From Madison to Zuccotti Park: Confronting Class and Reclaiming the American Dream

This workshop, the fifth meeting of ClassCrits, takes on class and the American dream as its theme. The most quintessentially American trait may be our capacity to look past current misfortune and imagine a brighter future.  Americans love a “rags … Continue reading

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Class as a Category of Inequality and Vulnerability

How does economic class complicate questions of vulnerability, identity and equality?  This question was one of many rich threads of discussion at a recent Emory Law School workshop of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project and Vulnerability and Human Condition … Continue reading

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Black Folks to Plantations! Mexicans go Home!: The 14th Amendment under Siege

It appears the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution is under siege. On the day I prepared to discuss the drafting and eventual passing of the 14th Amendment in my legal history course on the Reconstruction era at University at … Continue reading

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Privacy as Misdirection

The story of Ashley Paine, the 24-year-old high school teacher in Georgia who was fired in August 2009 for drinking a Guinness on a vacation in Dublin, is making the rounds again. It is typically told as a story of … Continue reading

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No Professor Is an Island (Or, Corporatization as Climate Change)

My friend Hannah is a single mom with a degree in art history and two kids in college. She used to have a full-time job as a slide librarian at Mills College in Oakland, till the college, under financial strain, … Continue reading

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Ellen Dannin on the Value of Unions

Countering the recent onslaught of popular culture and politics blaming unions for a host of financial and social problems, Penn State Law Professor Ellen Dannin has a useful post on Truthout:  Corporations, Unions and the Value of Opposition.  See also … Continue reading

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