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Commenting on the commentary about “Accidental Racist”

By Lisa R. Pruitt  I don’t watch TV or follow much pop culture, and most of the country music I occasionally listen to is on old albums by the likes of Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Martina McBride and Alison Krauss.  But … Continue reading

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Imploring the Ivy League to attend to rural strivers

By Lisa R. Pruitt One of the most e-mailed items in the New York Times for the past day or so has been Claire Vaye Watkins “The Ivy League Was Another Planet.” (The alternative headline is “Elite Colleges Are As Foreign as … Continue reading

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Hunting as classed? classless? classy?

By Lisa R. Pruitt  This story by Felicity Barringer in the New York Times last week-end was a revelation for me–a revelation about the complex linkages between class and hunting. Barringer’s story is ostensibly about how the state of Utah doles out hunting … Continue reading

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Rurality and class as identity, in the context of an elite(ist) institution

By Lisa R. Pruitt I have been following recent news out of Amherst College about sexual assaults some students have committed against others–and the allegations that Amherst administrators previously tried to hush up these incidents, discouraging victims from pressing charges. … Continue reading

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It’s all relative

By Lisa R. Pruitt That cliche was brought to mind by several news stories in recent weeks, all related to class in one way or another, so I use it here to consider these stories and the issues they raise … Continue reading

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NY Times turns squarely to issue of class and the Presidential race

By Lisa R. Pruitt Richard W. Stevenson reports on the front page of today’s New York Times under the headline, “On the Tricky Terrain of Class, Contrasting Paths.”   Here’s an excerpt that sums us up a lot about Obama … Continue reading

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Higher Education Access and the Reproduction of Privilege

By Lisa R. Pruitt Two recent items in the New York Times have caught my attention in relation to how access to higher education reproduces privilege and undermines class mobility.  One is “Cuts Threaten Access to College Placement Tests,” for which a … Continue reading

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