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Thanks to Southwestern Law School, host of ClassCrits VI Conference

Kudos and great thanks to Southwestern Law School for fabulously hosting the ClassCrits conference this past weekend.  Besides providing superb logistical support from first rate staff, Southwestern set the right tone for our discussions by providing an environment shining with … Continue reading

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Graphic on economic inequality: L-Curve

See this graphic showing income distribution in the US as an L-Curve It depicts the distribution of family income across the population along the length of a football field, with median income represented as a stack of $100 bills 1.6″ … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and the Human Condition Website

Check out the interdisciplinary initiative at Emory University,  Vulnerability and the Human Condition.  This project grows out of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project headed by Emory Law Professor Martha Fineman, who has also participated in ClassCrits — and who … Continue reading

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Solidarity Economy Resources

Julie Matthaei (Wellesley Economics) suggested this resource on the Solidarity Economy The U.S. Solidarity Economy Network A recent headline: On 81st Birthday, Oregon Man Gives Company to Employees. That’s Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods (great oatmeal). See also:  SolidarityEconomy. Net: The Politics, … Continue reading

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Law scholars for corporate criminals?

As evidence of Wall Street fraud accumulates, and as Arizona criminalizes certain people for “looking” illegal, Northwestern Law School’s Searle Center assures us that it is mobilizing plenty of intellectual experts to explain why corporate criminals should be let off … Continue reading

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Heterodox Econ Resources: Financial economy vs real economy

An intriguing blog entry, “Healthcare Diversions Part 3: The Financialization of Health and Everything Else in the Universe“, by Randall Wray, post-keynesian economist at UMKC.

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Heterodox Economics Resources

This is the beginning of an effort to gather resources on alternatives to the  neoclassical economic paradigm (and its variations) that  dominate legal scholarship and policy.    How might legal scholarship learn from, add to, engage with, and apply heterodox economics? … Continue reading

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