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Symposium Issue on Critical Race Theory & Marxism

Kudos to Anthony Farley for organizing this fabulous collection in the JULY 2012 issue of the COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF RACE & LAW, featuring a number of ClassCrits scholars, and developed from the Third National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference … Continue reading

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The Federalist Society’s Marxist View of the Constitution?

It’s no longer so clear that a strong consensus supports Holmes’ famous dissent in Lochner stating that the Constitution does not embody a particular economic ideology. The Federalist Society‘s recent event, Economic Theory, Civic Virtue, and the Meaning of the … Continue reading

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Academic freedom casualty

News: The Would-Be Provost Who Quoted Marx – Inside Higher Ed Note one of the offending lines: “All ownership of land or material means of production was at one time or another obtained by force.”      

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Harvey’s quick story of capitalism’s crisis

Those interested in class, crisis and the law might find useful this short video summary of the crisis from a Marxian perspective that’s been making the rounds:   David Harvey, Crisis of Capitalism, (April 26, 2010).    Harvey identifies a … Continue reading

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