Symposium Issue on Critical Race Theory & Marxism

Kudos to Anthony Farley for organizing this fabulous collection in the JULY 2012 issue of the COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF RACE & LAW, featuring a number of ClassCrits scholars, and developed from the Third National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference (Seton Hall Law 2010).

Forwards: When the Stars Begin to Fall: Introduction to Critical Race Theory and Marxism by Anthony Paul Farley


Critical Race Theory & Marxism: Temporal Power
by Anthony Paul Farley

W. E. B. Du Bois’ Ambiguous Politics of Liberation: Race, Marxism and Pan Africanism
by Adam Gearey

Beyond Supreme Court Anti-Discrimination: An Essay on Racial Subordinations, Racial Pleasures and Commodified Race
by Neil Gotanda

Race, Rights and Reterritorialization
by Gil Gott

Citizenship as Accumulated Racial Capital
by Peter Halewood

Compassion and Critique
by Angela P. Harris

The Perverse Logic of Immigration Detention: Unraveling the Rationality of Imprisoning Immigrants Based on Markers of Race and Class Otherness
by César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

Global Class and the Commercial-Sexual Exploitation of Children: Toward A Multidimensional Understanding
by Pantea Javidan

The Legal Politics of Hubert H. Harrison: Excavating a Lost Legacy
by Ravi Malhotra

Putting Theory into Practice: Using a Human Rights Framework and Grassroots Organizing to Build a National Revolutionary Movement
by Bekah Mandell

Contract and Dispossession
by Deborah Waire Post

“Precious”: A Tale of Three Explanations for Childhood Maltreatment
by Reginald Leamon Robinson
Why Obama is Black: Language, Law and Structures of Power
by SpearIT

Signifying on Passing: (Post) Post-Racialism, (Post) Post-Modernism, and (Post) Post-Marxism
by Christian B. Sundquist

Used Up and Misused: The Nation State, the European Union and the Insistent Presence of the Colonial
by Patricia Tuitt

Post Race Posthaste: Towards an Analytical Convergence of Critical Race Theory and Marxism
by Donna E. Young

A Dedication
by Anthony Paul Farley

This symposium of the Columbia Journal of Law & Race, Critical Race Theory & Marxism, is dedicated to Keith Aoki, 1955-2011.

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