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It’s all relative

By Lisa R. Pruitt That cliche was brought to mind by several news stories in recent weeks, all related to class in one way or another, so I use it here to consider these stories and the issues they raise … Continue reading

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NY Times turns squarely to issue of class and the Presidential race

By Lisa R. Pruitt Richard W. Stevenson reports on the front page of today’s New York Times under the headline, “On the Tricky Terrain of Class, Contrasting Paths.”   Here’s an excerpt that sums us up a lot about Obama … Continue reading

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Distinguishing science from “market” power? Field notes on the political economy of academia

It’s become common wisdom in the U.S. that non-transparent big money largely drives elections, legislatures, regulatory agencies, and much of the judicial system, eroding the public trust and reinforcing perceptions that law and politics, as well as economics, operates largely … Continue reading

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Call for Papers and Participation in ClassCrits V: From Madison to Zuccotti Park: Confronting Class and Reclaiming the American Dream

This workshop, the fifth meeting of ClassCrits, takes on class and the American dream as its theme. The most quintessentially American trait may be our capacity to look past current misfortune and imagine a brighter future.  Americans love a “rags … Continue reading

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Remembering Joe Bageant: Class Migrant, Class Warrior

By Lisa R. Pruitt Americans like to think they live in a society unstratified by class, a society of equal opportunity, where the American dream survives. Joe Bageant, a journalist turned cultural critic, challenged these myths with inimitable intensity, compassion, … Continue reading

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Under-educated State Legislatures? (Part I): Do They Explain Funding Cuts to Higher Education?

By Lisa R. Pruitt The Chronicle of Higher Education this week released data summarizing the tertiary education (or lack thereof) of state legislators across the country.  An interactive map is available here, permitting you to see the percentage of lawmakers … Continue reading

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Downsides to Class Privilege? Hardly a Trend

By Lisa R. Pruitt Two recent news reports from very different parts of the world shared this theme: Affluence can have its drawbacks. The first story was Michael Wines, “Execution in a Killing that Fanned Class Rancor,” which reports the … Continue reading

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