Affiliated Faculty

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SUNY Buffalo Law School, The State University of New York


Martha T. McCluskey
Martha T. McCluskey

Areas of interest: Constitutional Law, Feminist Theory, Left Legal Theory, Social Insurance, Welfare Policy, Regulation, Workers’ Compensation, Disability Law, Law and Economics


Athena Mutua

Athena Mutua

Areas of interest: Civil Rights, Corporations, Critical Race and Feminist Legal Theory

John H. Schlegel

Areas of interest: History of the American Economy Since 1865, Financial Intermediation, The Middle Classes

James G. Milles

Areas of interest: Legal Ethics and Decision-Making, Online Speech and Privacy

Albany Law School


Anthony Farley

Areas of interest: Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure and Legal Theory, Critical Race Theory

American University Washington College of Law


Ezra Rosser

Areas of interest: Indian law, Economic Justice, Poverty Law, Welfare, Law and Economics, Housing, Land Use, Natural Resources, Remittances, Law and Development, El Salvador and Navajo Nation issues


Susan Carle

Areas of interest: Legal Profession, Ethics, Torts, Labor and Employment, Employment Discrimination, Legal History

University of California Davis School of Law


Angela Harris
Angela Harris

Areas of interest: Race Theory, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Spatial Inequality, Theories of Gender and Sexuality

University of California Davis School of Law


Lisa R. Pruitt

Areas of interest: Rural Law, Rurality, Spacial Inequality, Gender, Rural Poverty, Class (Im)mobility, Global Development, Human Rights, Legal Profession, Torts

Capital University Law School


César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

Areas of interest: Immigration, “Crimmigration” (Convergence of Criminal Law and Immigration Law), Imprisonment

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Lolita Buckner Inniss

Areas of interest: Critical Discourse Analysis, Property, Legal History, Law and Race, Gender, Africans in the Americas

University of Connecticut School of Law

Kaaryn S. Gustafson

Kaaryn Gustafson

Areas of interest: Criminalization of Poverty, Critical Theory, Economic Justice, Regulation of Economic Risk, Welfare Policy

Cornell University, School of Industrial & Labor Relations


Risa L. Lieberwitz

Areas of interest: Labor Law, Employment Discrimination, Academic Freedom, Feminist Legal Theory, First Amendment

Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law

Kim Brooks

Kim Brooks

Areas of interest:Tax Policy, International Tax, Tax Expenditures, Feminist Legal Theory

Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law

Jamie Baxter

Jamie Baxter

Areas of interest:Land Regulation, Indigenous People’s Rights, Legal Geography, Access to Justice

University of Denver Sturm College of Law


Patience A. Crowder

Areas of interest: Intersection of Contract, Corporate, and Local Government Law with Transactional Advocacy for the Public Interest, Particularly the Revitalization of Inner-City and Under-Served Communities

Florida International University College of Law


Charles Pouncy

Areas of interest: Critical Economic Theory, Financial Market Regulation, Corporations and Corporate Transactions, Law and Spirit, Legal Ethics

Georgetown University Law Center

Emma Coleman Jordan

Emma Coleman Jordan

Areas of interest: Banking and Financial Regulation, Civil Rights, Commercial Law, Torts, Economic Justice

University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies


Prabha Kotiswaran

Areas of interest: Feminist Legal Theory, Female Labor Markets, Economic Sociology and the Law, Materialist Feminism, Sex Work and Trafficking

Loyola Law School


Lauren Willis

Areas of interest: Consumer Law, Consumer Finance, Law and Behavior

Marquette University Law School


Kali Murray

Areas of interest: Patent Law and Social Movements, International Intellectual Property and Social Movements, Property Law and Race, Class, and Ethnicity

University of Miami School of Law


Kenneth Casebeer

Areas of interest: Work Law, Labor Law History, Critical Theory

University of Miami School of Law

Donna Coker

Areas of interest: criminal law; race, class, immigration status and domestic violence; restorative justice/transformative justice; Critical Race and Feminist Theory.

University of Miami School of Law


Martha R. Mahoney

Areas of interest: Race, Class and Development; Elections and Voting

University of Missouri-Kansas City


Randall Wray

Areas of interest: Economics and Politics of Social Security, Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory and Policy

Nova Southeastern University


Timothy A. Canova

Areas of interest: Regulation of Financial Institutions, International Economic Law, Central Bank Structure and Policy, Corporations, Law and Political Economy

New York Law School


Frank W. Munger

Areas of interest: Class and Class Conflict, Labor, Poverty, The Global Economy and Human Rights


Carlin Meyer

Areas of interest: Juvenile Justice, Families in Poverty, Family Court Administration, Children of Incarcerated Families, Domestic Workers

Northeastern University School of Law

Rashmi Dyal-Chand


Areas of interest: Law and Development, Property Law, Poverty, Sustainable Income Development, Financial Crisis, Economic Justice

James R. Hackney, Jr.


Areas of interest: Intellectual History, Torts, The Financial Industry, Law and Economics, and Critical Race Theory

Political Economy Research Institute


Gerald Epstein

Areas of interest: Financial Crises, Regulation and Restructuring, International Financial Issues, Central Bank Policy, Political Economy

Douglas Koritz

Areas of interest: Political Economy, Culture & Economy, Community Development, Higher Education

Rutgers University School of Law – Newark

James Gray Pope

James Gray Pope

Areas of interest: Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Workers’ Rights

Sarah Lawrence College

Jamee K. Moudad

Jamee K. Moudad

Areas of interest:Industrial Competition, Political Economy, the Welfare State, Tax Policy

Seattle University School of Law


Tayyab Mahmud

Areas of interest: Political Economy, Legal Theory, Legal History, Comparative Law, Law and Colonialism

Seton Hall University School of Law

Frank Pasquale
Areas of interest: Health Law, Information Law, Finance, Political Economy

Southwestern Law School


Danielle Kie Hart

Areas of interest: Contracts, Commercial Law, Law & Society, Civil Rights, Poverty

Suffolk University Law School


Kathleen C. Engel

Areas of interest: Housing Discrimination, Financial Services Markets and Regulation, Consumer Protection, Law and Economics

University of Tennessee College of Law


Frances Lee Ansley

Areas of interest: Race, Class, Gender, Globalization, Migration, Social Movements, the U.S. South, Democracy

The University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Law


Lucille Jewel

Areas of interest: Class Issues in the Legal Profession and in Legal Education, Progressive Law and Economics Theories

University of Tennessee College of Law, Knoxville

Wendy Bach

Wendy Bach

Areas of interest: Participatory democracy, social welfare policy, race, gender, and poverty law

Tulane University Law School


Saru Matambanadzo

Areas of interest: Gender, Sexuality, Corporations, Securities, Legal Education, Legal Personhood

UCLA School of Law


Noah D. Zatz

Areas of interest: Labor & Employment Law, Public Benefits Law, Low-Wage Work, Non-Market Work, Feminist & Critical Race Theory

University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law


Laura T. Kessler

Areas of interest: Discrimination, Family Law, Law and Social Theory, Women and Legal Education, Inequality and Families, Legal Theory

Vermont Law School


Jennifer S. Taub

Areas of interest: Financial Reform, Corporate Governance, Mutual Fund Regulation

Western New England School of Law


Taylor Flynn

Areas of interest: Discrimination, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

West Virginia University College of Law


andré douglas pond cummings

Areas of interest: Investor Protection, Race Inequality and Social Justice, Sports and Entertainment

University of North Dakota School of Law