Photoessay: Occupy Oakland, 11/2/2011

A couple of snapshots of the “general strike” day. The mood in the crowd was peaceful and mellow and the smell of pot was everywhere (this is Oaksterdam, after all). In contrast to what the New York Times has reported about Occupy Wall Street, the crowd was also quite diverse in ethnicity and age as well as politics.There was a strong religious presence, from daily meditations organized by the East Bay Meditation Center to contingents from various Christian and Jewish groups. And lots of music and art — T shirts being silkscreened on the spot while speakers blasted James Brown’s “The Big Pay-Back” in between live performances.

Things seemed well organized also. A bus showed up from Berkeley and several hundred people joined the crowd, greeted with loud cheers. Food lines were orderly and there were clothes distribution boxes and plenty of porta-potties. Very little police presence except for the ubiquitous helicopters.

Nice to see a revolution that includes yoga and gardening.

Great posters, and folks on stilts, too.

This afternoon the plan is to occupy the Port of Oakland.

Another contingent of students set off to occupy the University of California Office of the President, which has its offices in downtown Oakland (rumor has it, ironically, that UCOP moved to Oakland to avoid Berkeley protests).

This is still my favorite:

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