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Imagine a Democratic Federal Reserve

Nov. 19, 2010 The Federal Reserve’s elitist power has great potential for joining strands of left and right political anger.  Right-wing critics are denouncing the recently planned $600 billion infusion from the Fed (maybe reaching $900 billion) as more evidence … Continue reading

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Law and Economic Austerity

This is another cross-posting from the SALT blog. Austerity Jurisprudence Written by Martha McCluskey Why was the message of austerity so appealing to economically insecure voters in this week’s election?    A more intellectual version of this passionate opposition to social … Continue reading

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The legal rules enabling the financial crisis: repo market protections

At the recent Classcrits III:  Rethinking Economics and Law workshop, Jennifer Taub (Isenberg School of Management at UMass) opened our eyes to the complex world of “repos” or repurchase agreements.  As Taub blogged recently in A Whiff of Repo 105, … Continue reading

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