Upcoming Law & Society panel: Structural Inequality and Violence against Women

At next week’s Law and Society 2011 Annual Meeting, a recommended panel making interesting connections between class, gender, and violence:

Saturday, June 4, 4:30-6:15

Structural Inequalities & Violence Against Women, 3527

Organizers: Donna Coker& Deborah Weissman

Chair/Discussant: Liz Schneider

Elizabeth MacDowell and Ann Cammett, Structural Inequality and Violence Against Women: Models of Invisibility (discussing the work of their UNLV clinic that assists poor families affected by incarceration and the potential for clinical pedagogy to teach students about intersectional issues, and the possibilities for advocacy and social change.)

Madelaine Adelman, Title: TBA (The relationship between the state and domestic violence is multidimensional, contested and contradictory. In this study based in Israel and the US, I trace how the state has been mobilized and reconfigured to intervene into and prevent domestic violence, but I also demonstrate how the state engenders domestic violence.)

Carrie Bettinger-Lopez, Gender Justice and Human Rights: Revisiting the Links between Domestic Violence and Reproductive Rights Advocacy (courts, advocates, and academics view domestic violence and reproductive rights as separate spheres of women’s rights advocacy in the U.S., and fail to recognize their common ground: the expropriation of women’s sexuality by a patriarchal system that dominates the family and the law.)

Donna Coker, Teaching Domestic Violence Through the Lens of Structural Inequality in a Non-Clinical Domestic Violence Law School Class (discussing in particular the challenges of teaching class and economic rights.)

Deborah Weissman, From the Politics of Denunciation to the Politics of Redistributive Justice (addressing the failure of feminist activism to sufficiently engage in a critique of political economy and how such failure has materialized in troubling response to the crises in Mexico – femicides and drug cartel violence– both of which have consequences for feminism.)

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