Critical Law and Economics book series

From Routledge: The Economics of Legal Relationships

Two books of particular interest:

The Legal-Economic Nexus: Fundamental Processes, By Warren Samuels

The Fundamental Interrelationships between Government and Property, Edited by Nicholas Mercuro, Warren J Samuels

Table of Contents:

1. An introduction to essays on the fundamental interrelationships between government and property W.J. Samuels
2. The origins of property and the powers of government R. Adelstein
3. Government’s role in property ownership: Hobbes Meets Gilligan D. Anderson
4. Disaggregating the concept of property in constitutional law C.E. Baker
5. A problem about privacy, property and custody: disputes about the disposition of “Frozen Embryos” S. Brophy, D.E. Edlin
6. Property appropriation and theory of the firm D. Ellerman
7. Government and property, democracy and markets L.A. Halper
8. Private property and the state H. Hovenkamp
9. Technology, law and politics: the case of product standards S. Krislov
10. The interplay between the public and private administration of property rights: order and efficiency S.T. Lowry
11. The government-property relation: confessions of a classical liberal S.G. Medema
12. Globalization, decline of the nation-state, and Foucault G. Minda
13. Credible testaments, property, and the role of government B.M. Mitnick
14. Government, civil society, and property: restraining the legal-economic Nexus L.S. Moss
15. Property: questioning efficiency, liberty and imperialism P.B. Potter
16. What government can do for property (and Vice Versa) C.M. Rose
17. Words from a largely forgotten man J.H. Schlegel
18. Government, property, markets? in that order? not government versus markets A.A. Schmid
19. Individuals, choice and institutions: an Austrian economic approach to the fundamental relationship between government and property L.A. Schwartzstein
20. Environmental protection: governments and the allocation and use of property K. Segerson
21. Property law and efficient resource use T.S. Ulen
22. A retrospective interpretive essay on the diverse approaches to the fundamental interrelationships between government and property N. Mercuro, W.J. Samuels
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