New Journal at Indiana

Meet The Crit:

the crit is a multimedia journal joining audio, video, text and narrative. We welcome submissions from contributors of all backgrounds and interests. the crit welcomes submissions in varied formats, including but not limited to law review articles, narratives, textual commentaries, cartoons, short stories, photo collages, video documentaries and video commentaries. For more information, please visit our Submissions page.

Join us in a multi-disciplinary discussion on law and its social, economic, and political effects. This journal seeks to encourage interest in, and accessibility to, a discourse on underrepresented experiences. Ultimately, we hope to cultivate a critical discussion among those with different, opposing and potentially irreconcilable ideologies and understandings.


About James G. Milles

Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo Law School
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One Response to New Journal at Indiana

  1. Martha McCluskey says:

    Correction: this is University of Idaho law school and has an interesting essay by our own (Buffalo) Jack Schlegel — as well as some other leading lights of the original Critical Legal Studies movement.

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