Local Economic Justice Conference, Sept. 27-28, 2007

The University at Buffalo and Cornell University ILR will co-host the conference High Road Runs Through the City: Advocating for Economic Justice at the Local Level, Sept. 27-28 in Buffalo, NY. This event will bring together policymakers, activists and academics to explore how local democracy can be strengthened to further progressive visions of urban economic development. The keynote speaker will be Bill McKibben, author of the recent book Deep Economy. Other speakers will include:

  • Greg LeRoy, author of Good Jobs First;
  • Peter Enrich, Northeastern University Law School, on subsidy reform litigation under the commere clause;
  • J. Phillip Thompson, III MIT, author of Double Trouble: Black Mayors, Black Communities, and the Call for a Deep Democracy
  • Stephanie Luce, Univ. of Mass. Labor Studies, author of several books on the living wage movement
  • Jen Kern, ACORN Living Wage Resource Center
  • Annette Bernhardt, NYU Brennan Center of Justice
  • Stewart Acuff, AFL-CIO
  • Joel Rogers, University of Wisconsin

For information about the event and to register, see High Road Runs Through The City Conference


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